Donkey Hire, France, Ardeche, Stevenson


Walking with donkeys

Donkey trekking


Marie-Ange: Equestrian Tourism Ride Leader, instructor, specialist in equine ethology, (behaviourist) now breeding and training donkeys.

The “ Mas Lassez”, an old family  farm, lost in the Mountain of Ardeche slept for 15 years. Today, donkeys replace cows, and hens, ducks, and geese are again on the place.  ????

Between Cevennes, Tanarge and Margeride, close to the Stevenson and Regordane trails, and at an altitude of 1200m, the farm is on the side of an ancient volcano, a place still wild and untamed.

Throughout the year, our donkeys receive love and care before they become your companion, and partner during your trek. They are waiting to offer you an amazing adventure.


Stevenson trail

For 12 days you can walk this mythical trail. We bring your donkey to Le Monastier and pick him up at Saint Jean du Gard


Ardeche trail

From 2 to 12 days, a great breath of fresh air, wonderful scenery, a sense of freedom …On request.


Régordane trail

This very old way was first used by animals, later by the Romans, Averns, Greeks, knights and pilgrims. The most beautiful part of this trail is between La bastide and Villefort.

Pont du Gard

Except in July and August, a nice trip in the Gardon’s gorges, cross the famous old Roman bridge and have a visit from Uzès in charming guest houses.